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To enable businesses and consumers to identify, locate, authenticate, and engage items in our everyday world.


A future where everyday things are part of a connected world … like raindrops to the sea


RAIN has a set of Bylaws that we follow – you can read them here – 2017-02-02 RAIN Operating Rules-Final.

Goals and Objectives

Evangelize RAIN RFID

  • Promote RAIN RFID to be the consumer term for UHF RFID technology and promote universal interoperability.
  • Connect members with end users
  • Present RAIN RFID at events to increase membership and awareness
  • Provide information about UHF RFID and assist companies in finding implementation partners

Promote member and market solutions

  • Industry statistics
  • Quarterly newsletter
  • Yearly industry report
  • Work with industry members to develop tools that can be used to measure ROI on RFID projects

Protect the RAIN RFID trademarks and brand

  • Authorize the use of the RAIN RFID logo and brand
  • Referrals to legal counsel with RAIN experience
  • Member-supported and accessible repository of expired patents and other public information

Grow the RAIN RFID industry

  • RAIN Alliance members collaborate to develop RAIN RFID solutions for a variety of applications across many different vertical markets.
  • Work with universities in the education of students on the design and use of RAIN RFID, and the development of startup companies that can fill a void that is not met by current technologies and suppliers

Members of the alliance will get access to:

  • Joint industry events
  • RAIN RFID marketing
  • Market reports
  • Data sources
  • Member learnings and white papers
  • Member products
  • …and more