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Hangzhou Century Link Technology Co., Ltd.

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Hangzhou Century Link Technology Co., Ltd.

Company Overview

Hangzhou Century Link Technology Co., Ltd (Century RFID) is an RFID high-tech enterprise which integrates R&D, production and sales of RFID labels and tags.


As a leader in innovative RFID tag and label solutions and services, Century RFID serves customers around the world. Established in January 2014, it has grown out of the R&D Center of Hangzhou Century Co., Ltd and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company.


Century RFID’s RFID labels and tags R&D team includes more than 80 experienced and well-educated professional technicians. The company closely cooperates with Zhejiang University, Hangzhou Electronic Science and Technology University, Xidian University, the Chinese Academy of Science and Hangzhou RFID Research Center to develop proprietary RFID labels, tags and RFID reader antennas, for use in metal, liquid or other challenging surroundings.


Century RFID’s products are widely used in the global retail, costume, logistics, healthcare, manufacturing, library and asset management industries. The company has a complete RFID product portfolio with more than 100 kinds of labels and tags, including HF and UHF conventional and special labels and tags, as well as NFC labels and tags.


Century RFID has integrated production lines for conversion, encoding, printing and laser inspection. It assures the performance, consistency and reliability of its RFID products by using RFID performance consistency testing devices, large-scale RFID anechoic chambers, special UV weather resistance testing instruments, and high and low temperature testing meters. 


In 2014, Century RFID achieved the ISO 9000 and ISO 14001 certifications.


Century RFID is committed to pushing forward the application of RFID technologies around the globe. Make Century RFID your innovative and trustworthy partner for RFID label and tag solutions!

Inlay/Tag Manufacturer, RFID Supplies

528 Xingqi Road,Yuhang Economic Development Area, Hangzhou, P.R.China