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RFID Takes Flight at Rockwell Collins

The company has adopted Brady Corp.’s Aerospace RFID Solution, which is intended to bring flexibility to users, with a choice of 11 different on- or off-metal tags that can be wrapped about equipment such as metal seat frames or oxygen canisters.

Aug 23, 2017— During the past year, aircraft suppliers have been ramping up their RFID tagging solutions to meet the demands of Airbus and Boeing. Both aircraft companies have a timetable which suppliers are expected to meet with regard to tagging a subset of the parts they make that will be built into airplanes. To meet those needs, industrial and safety printing technology company Brady Corp. released its second-generation Aerospace RFID Solution last year, in order to offer a complete RFID printing and encoding solution as they adopt ultrahigh-frequency (UHF) RFID systems.

As part of the solution, the company has been selling its software, RFID printers, handheld readers and labels primarily to European companies that serve Airbus. More recently, the demand has expanded to North American suppliers. Case in point: this summer, Rockwell Collins signed a contract to provide RFID labeling solutions for use within their own operations. This printing and encoding system from Brady will produce on- and off-metal tags used to wirelessly identify and track flyable parts, including oxygen generators, for Rockwell Collins.

Source: RFID Takes Flight at Rockwell Collins – 2017-08-23 – Page 1 – RFID Journal