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RAIN MEETINGS – Graz Austria – 22-23 February, 2016

RAIN Meeting – Hosted By NXP

The RAIN face to face in Europe 2016 will be hosted by NXP at the Hotel Schloss Seggau. More details can be found here.


Use this survey link to register (You must register here even if you are staying at another hotel)


Details are in this link: Hotel Reservation


  • Monday, 22 February – Members Only meeting, all day (Starting at 9:00am)
    • Introduction and welcome
    • Workgroup Meetings
    • Lunch
    • Member Introduction Presentations
      • Tag Robustness Standards – Richard Aufreiter, Director Product Management, ID technologies, HID
      • UHF and NFC tag – Jim Springer, Principle Engineer, EM Microelectronics – US Inc.
      • SAIT Polytechnic: An international hub of Applied Research, Industry Training and Student Recruitment opportunities – Glen Kathler, Applied Research Chair – (RFID) Application Development, SAIT Polytechnic
    • Marketing Survey results
    • RAIN Board Member Round table
  • Tuesday, 23 February – Starting at 9:00am (Members Only)
    • State of the Alliance
    • Budget/Strategic Plan Overview
    • Workgroups reports
    • Wi-Fi HaLow
    • Numbering Systems
    • Discussion on current and next work
    • Next Meetings/Any other Business
    • Lunch
    • Afternoon – starts at 1:00pm (Open to ALL Attendee)(Agenda sequence may change):
      • Keynote – The Internet of Things and RFID from the Eu Perspective – Gerald Santucci from the European Commission
      • Introduction and Update to RAIN – Steve Halliday, RAIN president
        Learn about RAIN, what we are doing and how to get involved.
      • RAIN in IoT – Enu Waktola, Vice President New Markets, Smartrac Technology Group – Chris Diorio, CEO, Impinj
        Hear why the IoT needs RAIN to enable the everyday items.
      • Propagation of RFID processes in a retail company: Decathlon – Jean-Marc Lieby, RFID Project Leader, Decathlon International
      • This session will discuss the issues that Decathlon overcame in setting up RFID processes in their stores
      • RAIN RFID implemented – what´s next? What to do with all the data? How fashion retailers achieve added value from InStore Analytics – Dr. Michael Goller, CTO Detego
        Gain insights how the adoption of RFID within a retail enterprise combined with real-time analytics enables fashion retailers to pro-actively manage and future-proof their business.
      • Context-Aware Security through RFID – Jason Myers, Senior Associate at Booz Allen Hamilton
        Contextual elements – such as location – play a critical role in organizational security policies for IT assets. Booz Allen is working to advance several RFID-based solutions to enable automated policy enforcement based on contextual triggers.
      • Ranging and Positioning of UHF RFID Tags – Holger Arthaber, TU Wien, and Klaus Witrisial, TU Graz
        This talk gives an overview on time-of-flight based indoor positioning for RFID. A spread-spectrum based ranging technique is presented for off-the-shelf UHF tags.
      • More to come
    • Guided tour of the KTM  X-BOW facility (Sports Car manufacturer)

Following the RAIN meetings we suggest you visit the EuroCIS show in Dusseldorf, Germany.

The event runs 23 – 25 February, 2016 and more details may be obtained from here. (NOTE:  There are only a few direct flights from Graz to Duesseldorf so book early)