Many top industry companies started RAIN RFID Alliance projects

Over 50 members joined by September

Pittsburgh, PA – October 15, 2014
The RAIN RFID Alliance’s first meeting for members was held in September, and the Alliance is off to a great start with over 50 people attending. Non-members also attended to learn more about the RAIN technology market, as well as about the Alliance and many have already joined.

The Alliance was chartered in April 2014 to help companies using passive UHF RFID to collaborate, develop compelling solutions, and promote their applications with end-users across many vertical markets. The RAIN brand identifies products and solutions using UHF RFID with the industry’s standards: ISO/IEC 18000-63 and GS1 Gen2v2. These RAIN solutions include readers, tags, software applications, data and services.

This standards-based UHF RFID market started over ten years ago and now includes thousands of companies all over the world who develop and/or use this technology. The RAIN Alliance brings these companies together to promote the technology, accelerate the RAIN market growth, and develop new platform solutions including the use of RAIN for Internet of Things (IoT) applications. The Alliance collaboration will also provide market feedback and recommendations for new features and improvements to the industry standards organizations. Since its formation, RAIN already has 51 members, from 16 countries.

“The RAIN Alliance is growing fast as many more companies recognize the potential impact of the Alliance,” said Steve Halliday, President at RAIN. “Momentum was clearly described by the members’ presentations at the first RAIN meeting in September.” Copies of the presentations are available on www., and a photo of the RAIN Alliance members are here too.

“Pharmaceutical industry improvements in South Korea for manufacturing, shipping and operations have proven that RAIN is a business driven solution,” said Jonghoon Lim, CEO of Hanmi IT. He summarized the growth of RAIN as, “A single drop of RAIN can create stream of water which turns into a river, forming and shaping the earth….and bringing a tsunami of changes.”

“Leading retailers around the world are implementing RAIN UHF RFID technology,” said Steve Schattmaier, Director of Global Professional Services at Tyco. “The Benefits of Tyco’s RAIN-based Inventory Visibility solutions include inventory accuracy, out-of-stock reduction, loss prevention, improved customer and associate experience, and increased omni-channel fulfillment.”

“The RAIN tag volume for 2014 will exceed 4 billion tags, and the total RAIN market is growing over 35% year-over-year,” said Bill McBeath, Chief Research Officer at ChainLink Research. “We expect the Internet-of-Things to be a powerful catalyst for RAIN growth across many vertical markets and applications, worldwide.”

The current RAIN Alliance members are based in countries including Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, South Korea, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand and USA. The Alliance will continue to add many new members across many more countries, supporting events globally. The full list of RAIN members can be seen at www./member-directory.

About RAIN RFID Alliance
The RAIN RFID Alliance is a nonprofit organization, founded by Google, Intel, Impinj and Smartrac, that promotes awareness, education, and initiatives to accelerate RAIN adoption in business and consumer applications worldwide. The RAIN Alliance focuses on the UHF RFID standards developed by GS1 (EPC Gen2v2) and incorporated by ISO/IEC (18000-63). Information on RAIN is available on the RAIN website at www. or by email at info@.

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