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RAIN Alliance Documents

June 2016

The Anatomy of a RAIN RFID Solution

New Opportunities in usage and challenges to embed RAIN RFID tags

Dec 2015

RAIN Q&A with Kevin Ashton

Is UHF RFID Adoption a Problem?

History of RFID

What RAIN RFID Brings to the Internet of Things

What Happened to the “Things”

RAIN Radio Protocol

RAIN Terminology


RAIN Member Documents

(NOTE: These are posted for interest only, contact the authors for more information, RAIN is not responsible for the content of these documents)

NXP, “RAIN RFID FOR FOOD: Quality & Eciency for Today’s Consumables”

HID Global Corp, “Empowering People: RFID simplifies laundry management to create a positive work environment for people with disabilities” Case Study

Intel, Premise Aware Services and Security

Nedap, Hollister Missouri School District improves security with Nedap

NordicID, “ADLER – 170 Fashion Stores with RAIN RFID within Half a Year”

NordicID, “GIKS Mode – 7 Stores, 7 Days, 1 Solution” 

RFMicron, “Automotive Water Intrusion Detection”

RFMicron, “Improved Incontinence Management using RFMicron’s “Smart Diapers””

Ramp, “JV Driver: SiteSense project materials tracking solution – Video Case Study

Ramp, “DPW: Vehicle Tracking System – Case Study”

Ramp, “Immuno: Inventory Tracking System – Case Study”

Ramp, “HVP Plantations: Asset Tracking System – Case Study”

Ramp, “Flinders Ports Adelaide Container Terminal installs RAIN RFID vehicle tracking system from Ramp RFID – Brochure”

Ramp, “Fulton Hogan Temperature Monitoring System – Case Study”

Ramp, “Otago museum sets the standard with SMARTTRACK RFID technology – Brochure”

Ramp, “Sydney Ports Corporation – Case Study”

Ramp, “QUBE: Iron ore export facility installs RAIN RFID traffic management system – Brochure”

Ramp, “RAIN RFID increases supply chain efficiency for Patrick – Case Study”

Ramp, “Rio Tinto Alcan – Case Study”

Ramp, “Sydney University – Case Study”

Voyantic, “MICHELIN – RAIN RFID Tire Tags with Consistent Quality”

TAGEOS & Voyantic, “RAIN RFID Cutting Costs, Not Performance”

NXP, “How RAIN RFID Enables Smart Decisions in the Retail Market”

Impinj, “RFID Technology Primer”

ChainLink Research, “Internet of Things”

Google, TechCrunch, “Google is Making a Land Grab for the Internet of Things”,

GS1, “Integrating Integrity Into IoT”

Impinj, “Item Intelligence in Healthcare Brochure”

Impinj, “Item Intelligence in Retail Brochure”

Impinj, “E-Book: How to Choose a RAIN RFID Solution Provider””

Intel, “Internet of Things Overview”

Intel, “Intel and Samsung Create Internet of Things Group”

NXP, “RAIN RFID Takes the Hassle Out of Car Rental”

SencorpWhite “RFID From Start to SencorpWhite with IoT and RAIN”

SMARTRAC, “The Internet of Things Promises Hugh RFID Growth,” Enu Waktola

Terso Solutions, “Google Searches for Innovation in RFID”

ThingMagic “ RAIN RFID and the Internet of Things”

Zebra, “Study Tracks the Growing Momentum of the Internet of Things in the Enterprise”

Zebra, “Study Shows Internet of Things Solutions Are Ripe for Adoption”

External Documents

(NOTE: These are posted for interest only, contact the authors for more information, RAIN is not responsible for the content of these documents)
Entigral, Freightliner Tracks Inventory Replenishment with RAIN RFID

Improving Supply Chains Using RFID & Standards by Ian Robertson, CEO & President, Supply Chain RFID Consulting LLC (SCRC)

Finding and Navigating to Household Objects with UHF RFID Tags by Optimizing RF Signal Strength