Forward Vision Analytics


University of Pittsburgh

The RFID Center of the University of Pittsburgh is looking for research and development partners on a paradigm shift in the application of passive microprocessor (mP) architectures for RFID and the Internet of Things.  The base station (reader) provides RF energy to power a remote execution unit (REU) which can be interfaced to numerous devices.  One candidate device is an imaging chip to produce a passive camera.  Developmental battery powered prototypes have been implemented using an 8051 ISA and an Arduino.  We would welcome partners on research and/or development contracts for the hardware implementation or for specific verticals to suit this platform mP technology.

You can read more here: Passive Camera and Low Power uP

We are also looking for partners in the fabrication which we are currently envisioning as silicon or additive manufacturing.  The market is for applications which do not require the typical high speeds of Gen2 where size is not a critical factor.


If you are interested in partnering with the RFID or need more information, please contact Dr. Ervin Sejdic, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, E-mail: ude.t1493618999tip@c1493618999idjes1493618999e1493618999, Phone: 412-624-0508