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Tokyo Japan 13-15 September 2016

Let it RAIN in Tokyo, Japan

13 – 15 SEPTEMBER, 2016

Meetings are sponsored by RFLocus, Fast Value Global, Voyantic, Murata, and Denso.


Workgroup meetings – Reports are on the RAIN Members only Forum

  • Solutions WG
  • Marketing WG
  • Smart products & Packaging
  • Healthcare
  • Developers WG
  • Retail
  • Industrial Manufacturing
  • IoT



Member introductions – Presentations are on the RAIN Members only Forum

  • Joe Pleshek, President & CEO of Terso
  • Noriyuki Suzuki – AsReader
  • Harry Imanishi – Murata

Workgroup reports – Reports are on the RAIN Members only Forum

General session and presentations – Presentations are on the RAIN Members only Forum

  • RAIN member update – Steve Halliday, president, RAIN
  • Speaker – William Toney, Vice President of Global RFID Market Development, Avery Dennison – Why UHF is the key retail sensor IoT technology
    • With the growth of the IoT ecosystem, there are new applications emerging all the time that retailers are struggling with from a prioritization perspective & this presentation will lay-out why UHF is the key sensor to drive the most market value.
  • Gen 2 UHF Standard – Changes – Josef Preishuber-Pflügl, CISC Semiconductors
  • Doug Lautner, Motorola/Lenovo and Bryan Drake, Amazon – RAIN RFIDs use in Sensor Fused Indoor Location
    • RAIN RFID in conjunction with Bluetooth, WiFi and Sensor Fusion technology has the potential to provide a low cost, energy efficient and precise indoor location system.  Services can range from locating objects in a home to finding a conference room in a building or an item in a grocery store.  More powerful, the location context can be sent to a cloud-based deep learning platform.  Combined with other data, the proliferation of AI (artificial intelligence) and the IoT (Internet of things) leading to Smart Homes, Smart Cities and Smart Industries become possible.



Title of Presentation:  Let it RAIN, An Introduction to RAIN
: Steve Halliday
Title: President
Company: RAIN RFID Alliance
Short Abstract: Learn about the RAIN RFID Alliance, who it is and what it is doing to help grow the industry. Understand how RAIN RFID is the first few metres of the Internet of Things


Title of Presentation:  Smart Inventory Management and the Real-time Healthcare System
Name: Joe Pleshek
Title: President & CEO
Company: Terso Solutions
Short Abstract: Hospitals and healthcare facilities face many challenges on a daily basis. Wasted resources, increased costs, preventable harm, and much more. And, research shows that a large portion of the current healthcare system is unprepared to capitalize on the intelligence that is now possible through the Internet of Things (IoT). At the same time, the health industry is facing the highest level of demand for care seen in our lifetime. Now more than ever timeliness is critical to patient safety, care quality, and operational efficiency. Providers waste copious amounts of time and resources trying to locate patients, staff, and critical equipment. Our vision for a Smart Inventory Management System begins with the concept of the real-time healthcare system (RTHS). The RTHS uses real-time information and communications to remove delays in the management and execution of its critical business processes. This system provides visibility into important patient-related activities and event data. The RTHS disrupts the classic care delivery model, senses the need for change, and eliminates waste and latency. Meaning improved quality of care and a better patient and staff experience. Imagine the possibilities when healthcare facilities utilize RAIN RFID to automate their entire supply chain, and create a Smart Inventory System that touches every point of care. Learn more about achieving a Smart Inventory System via the real-time healthcare system during this presentation by Terso Solutions.


Title of Presentation:  From possibilities to projects; from new application requirements to standards
: Juho Partanen
Title: Director of Business Development
Company: Voyantic Ltd.
Short Abstract: The presentation will give an overview of application specific standards that have emerged since the ISO18000-6C. I will look at the state of standardization in certain aspects as I compare RAIN to other wireless technologies, such as NFC.


Title of Presentation: Debut of world new innovative RFID metal tag
Koji Wada
Deputy CEO
Phoenix Solution Co., Ltd.
Short Abstract:
Phoenix Solution Co., Ltd (from Kanazawa of Japan) recently developed innovative RFID (UHF) metal tag which can be read even from the back of metal items. Recently, the company was awarded from METI, Japanese ministry of economy, trade and industry, as advanced technology to promote IoT. This technology may enable world RFID users to enhance efficiency for asset management, supply chain management, and traceability for metal products.


Title of Presentation: A bag’s life
Chris Diorio
Impinj, Inc.
Short Abstract:
I will tell a futuristic story built on RAIN’s vision, namely a future where everyday things are part of a connected world, and then use that story to highlight some of the opportunities and challenges we as an industry face in realizing that vision.


Title of Presentation:  RFID tracking at its best: Perfect intermodal loading processes at Ford in Cologne
Name: Gerhard Gangl
Title: Managing Director
Company: 7iD Technologies GmbH
Short Abstract: About 1.700 vehicles leave the place of production in Cologne every day. So, the demand to automate and optimize Ford‘s distribution process is huge. However, in order to save production costs and ensures manufacturing quality, RFID systems especially in the automotive industry need to work one hundred percent. (7 days a week, 24 hours a day) Due to that fact, 7iD Technologies will illustrate how a high risk project like this, has been successfully realized from a system integrator‘s perspective. Gerhard Gangl, Managing Director and Co-Founder of 7iD Technologies, will also give answers about how and why Ford extended their RAIN RFID system step by step from finished vehicle tracking in 2008, truck loading in 2010, ship consignment in 2013 until train shipment in 2015. Furthermore, he will explain how 7iD’s RAIN solution looks like and what the key activities are to gain sustainable success with RAIN RFID technology.


Title of presentation: Use Case: How Smartphones are Improving Business
Kosaku Murasawa
Marketing Manager
AsReader, Inc.
Short Abstract:
AsReader devices (both Barcode and RFID docks/sleds) are currently being used with iPhones in a wide variety of industries: from Toyota Automobile Manufacturing, to retailers such as Albion Cosmetics, JIN’s, and Tokyu Hands Department Stores to over 50 hospitals, including both Private and University hospitals.

My company, AsReader, doesn’t just offer hardware, we began as a system development company and have helped numerous business to integrate iPhones in to their industries over the past decade.

I will share with you the know-how and knowledge we have gained from working with these companies while creating business systems that integrate smartphones.  I will also discuss important points to consider when developing your own business App for your particular workflow.  Taking advantage of ever-evolving and accelerating smartphone technologies, we no longer look at these as stationary business terminals, but as an integral part of the business system itself.

I will introduce several key factors that will help you decide why you should consider adding smartphones to your business, the merits, the demerits, the potential pitfalls, and hints for success.

And finally, I will discuss the growing role that RFID is playing in all of this and how it can be harnessed with great success by combining the smartphone workflow with RFID.


Title of presentation: Enterprise IT Asset Tracking
Bart Ivy
Director AIDC/RFID Solutions 
Evanhoe & Associates
Short Abstract:
Enterprise IT asset management- This presentation will discuss an engineered approach to IT Asset Tracking and management to achieve specific business goals using RAIN RFID standard based data collection across a large enterprise where the aesthetics is as important as functionality.   How to deal with large entrance areas with class and design a Stealthy solution.