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RAIN RFID Brand Guide

RAIN RFID established brand marks and logos to address stakeholder needs across the RAIN RFID ecosystem.
A global symbol for RAIN RFID technology, the RAIN RFID logo helps advance the recognition and acceptance of
UHF EPC RFID in industries such as healthcare, retail, logistics, automation and more.


How to Use the RAIN RFID Brand

The information found here provides key tenets and guidelines for use of the RAIN RFID Mark.


RAIN RFID branding can be used on printed, digital, and online advertising, and promotional materials, both to inform readers that products are UHF EPC RFID-enabled and to create greater consumer awareness and use of RAIN technology.


RAIN RFID branding can be used on products by RAIN members in good standing after completing the logo use form found in the RAIN member forum.  NON-Members may not use the logo on products.