The RAIN RFID Alliance currently has multiple workgroups, where members of the Alliance can work together on specific projects for markets/industries, or technical topics. The workgroups have conference calls, usually monthly, and face-to-face meetings at the RAIN RFID Alliance events.

The current workgroups are:


To educate, promote and accelerate the rate of adoption of the RAIN RFID technology in aviation.


Promote and facilitate the use of RAIN technology by developer communities all over the world.

Support exchange of best practices, promote open source software and easy to use systems to accelerate development efforts through an active RAIN ecosystem.


Improve the quality of patient care by enabling healthcare providers to identify, locate, authenticate and engage with people and things.

Accelerate the growth and adoption of RAIN in the healthcare market.


Packaging with RAIN RFID tags embedded or attached, provides value to all categories of packaged goods throughout the supply chain.


Inspire people to a vision of new usages where RAIN is integrated seamlessly and unobtrusively while creating value for the life time of the product.


Inspire and facilitate the implementation of compelling solutions using RAIN technology.

Identify, develop, and publish materials that leverage the collective experience of workgroup members to the advantage of existing and new RAIN technology users.


Identify, develop, and publish materials that relate to the issues surrounding sustainability and the use of RAIN RFID.


Develop, and publish materials related to the use of RAIN RFID in tyres. 


Investigate issues related to the use of data standards using RAIN RFID tags. Collect and publish information related to future enhancements of the technology.


Get RAIN approved for use in Europe as a mechanism for road charging (Electronic Toll Collection).   This group will create the required reports and studies, e.g. policy recommendations, feasibility studies, stakeholder communication, and exchange best practices from flagship projects. They will initiate communication about characteristics and benefits of RFID technology with policy makers and other involved stakeholders and they will support EU legislation to include RFID as a core technology (similar to DSRC) into the EU Directives.

Each workgroup has a Chair and Vice-Chair who manage the workgroup’s direction. Some workgroups have an Executive Sponsor to help guide the direction. Most RAIN Alliance member companies have provided volunteers for the workgroups. Typically, there are 10-20 people on the conference calls and 30-50 people attend the face-to-face meetings.

Each workgroup has created a charter which describes the mission, vision, scope, values, and projects for the workgroup’s activities.
It is common for the Executive Sponsors to represent end-users which are members of the Alliance.
Some of accomplishments from the workgroups include:

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