Lewis Lin

Lewis Lin is the CEO and Vice Chairman for Arizon, the global leader in RFID inlay design and manufacturing. Leading Arizon RFID, since 2008, from only 3 Bonding lines to 49 Bonding lines, 10 Converting lines as well as state of the art RFID lab and R&D team. Currently, Arizon holds more than 300 RFID product patents and more than 800 clients worldwide. The accumulated inlay delivery number has reached to more than 16 billion pieces.
Lewis is an active member of the RAIN RFID Alliance, participate in USA, European, and Asian RAIN events, he always speak at RAIN meetings to share experience and perspective on the future of real application, RAIN RFID applications and innovative RFID products. Lewis is skilled in leading new products development and has financial analysis and venture capital experience, He have studied and lived abroad in Japan and the US, with good ability to communicate, execute and integrate across fields. Lewis think RAIN is the best and most vital place for international RFID users and suppliers to communicate, to exchange innovative ideas and most of all to build long lasting comradery, in addition to having more firsthand exposure to customer needs in RAIN, he also hope to assist with the promotion of RAIN by sharing our multi-industry experience.


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