Fresenius Kabi and Kit Check Collaborate on RFID Compatibility

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Companies reach agreement for Fresenius Kabi +RFID™ medications to be read by Kit Check systems   Fresenius Kabi and Kit Check today announced the companies have entered into an agreement under which Fresenius Kabi +RFID™ medications will be read by the Kit Check inventory management solution. The collaboration signals both companies’ commitment to medication

Can RFID Help Truly Track In-Store Attribution?

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RAIN RFID is simply technology that provides powerful data. Leveraging RAIN RFID provides inventory accuracy and automation capabilities. The new retail experience will be supported by RAIN RFID. Retailers have been investing in technology for some time, but now they must embrace digital transformation. While retailers were on a track,

Encuentro Moda Selects Nedap for Real-time RFID Deployment in 125 Stores

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Encuentro Moda embraces RFID to optimize digital merchandise availability and unlock omnichannel potential. Nedap announced that Spanish womenswear brand Encuentro Moda selected Nedap’s !D Cloud software platform.  The main objective is to achieve full supply chain visibility and merchandise visibility within its 125 stores across Spain.  The RFID rollout began

UHF industrial multi-antenna readers

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STid offers an innovative range of RFID UHF multi-antenna readers for item tracking in all industrial environments, even the most harsh. Those high-performance readers meet the needs of logistic and tracking applications: real-time asset management, track and trace of RFID-tagged tubs, pallets, rolls, containers etc. To read more, follow the

Focus Health Group Announces First RFID Enabled Epinephrine Kit

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Epinephrine Professional Convenience Kits are now available with RAIN RFID product labels   Focus Health Group announced widespread availability of Epinephrine Professional Convenience Kits with RFID product labels, enabling distributors and healthcare providers to wirelessly identify and locate this life-saving kit. To read more, follow the link below to the


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FIRST-OF-ITS-KIND CONSORTIUM MADE UP OF HEALTHCARE INDUSTRY LEADERS AIMS TO ESTABLISH STANDARDS FOR RFID USE TAGEOS, a global leader in RFID inlays and tags, today announced that it has joined DoseID, the first member driven industry consortium for the use of radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology in the healthcare space. DoseID

Why Inventory Tracking and Management Will Matter More Than Ever This Holiday Season

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RAIN RFID can support retail staff in-store, as well as the broader e-commerce platform, as it includes an automated checkout that enables customers to ring up multiple items simultaneously without the need to scan each one individually. Faster than barcode scanning, this speeds up the checkout process which saves valuable

CAEN RFID | skID The new RAIN RFID smartphone add-on

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The skID (Model R1280IE, R1280IU) is a portable RAIN RFID reader of the easy2read©️ product line with integrated antenna for medium range applications. The reader hosts an internal rechargeable battery and can operate both in wired mode, using a USB cable, or in wireless mode through the Bluetooth®️ interface. The reader is

CISC RAIN XPLORER SPY | A comprehensive RAIN air interface spy for effortless reader-tag-communication analysis

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CISC is pleased to announce the launch of our new product – RAIN Xplorer Spy, a versatile software to make USB RF receivers a comprehensive RAIN air interface spy. It allows to verify tag and reader command content and timing. Furthermore, it is a quick evaluation of the software controlling