3 Things To Know About Augmented RAIN RFID with Passive Sensors

2023-02-02T15:15:21+00:00November 10, 2021|Blog|

Today’s IoT sensor deployments remain limited in size as active sensor solutions are not cost-effective for widespread distribution. Additionally, many use cases are incompatible with the presence of a battery, either due to its limited lifetime or the inherent recycling and disposal limitations. Sensor-enabled passive RAIN RFID tags eliminate such [...]

The Sustainability Starting Line: Defining Practices for RAIN

2023-02-02T15:13:32+00:00October 27, 2021|Blog|

We know RAIN RFID technology successfully bridges the physical and digital worlds providing many business-process and financial benefits. We also know sustainability has increasingly become a priority across all industries over the past several decades. Indeed, it is now a driving force of change as consumers, businesses, investors, and governments [...]

From Cables to Vehicle Identification: Use Cases on How RAIN is Powering Our World

2023-02-02T15:12:01+00:00October 6, 2021|Blog|

Electronic Vehicle Identification Powered By Secure RAIN RFID Technology in Egypt To address the growing number of unauthorized vehicles operating on Egyptian roadways, Egypt’s Ministry of Interior (MOI) is deploying an electronic vehicle identification system that will securely identify vehicles and confirm their authorization to be on the road. The [...]

Start Your Engines! RAIN RFID Makes Its Mark On The Tyre Industry

2023-03-14T23:47:13+00:00September 16, 2021|Blog|

Due to RAIN RFID’s singular technology, RAIN is the standardized way to uniquely identify all kinds of tyres digitally. Call it “chips in tyres.” This identification allows purchasers of RAIN RFID integrated tyres to have access to important information regarding their tyre purchase with a simple scan of the RAIN [...]