Powercast Creates Cellular-Based Remote RF Wireless Charging Platform to Enable Mobile Carriers to Offer Power as a Service

2022-10-03T16:01:45+00:00September 28, 2022|Member News|

Operating in the lower 600 – 900 MHz frequency bands licensed by mobile carriers, the over-the-air RF charging platform enables carriers to monetize underused low-frequency bands and offer “Power as a Service” to charge low-power devices and smart home IoT sensors that eliminate disposable batteries Source: https://mwcamericas.vporoom.com/Powercast [...]

The Evolution of Lepton Modules is Just Released

2022-09-15T16:10:03+00:00September 13, 2022|Member News|

CAEN RFID unveils 4 new RAIN RFID reader modules: Lepton3x1, Lepton3x4, Lepton7x1 and Lepton7x4. The modules are based on the recently released Lepton3 and Lepton7 SMD modules and are designed to facilitate the usage for those customers who don’t use automatic manufacturing. Source: https://www.caenrfid.com

Over-the-air power hits 120 feet: Powercast & InPlay team on battery-free long-range sensor systems

2022-09-15T16:08:59+00:00June 27, 2022|Member News|

Powercast and InPlay have created a platform for designing battery-free, maintenance-free, long-range (up to 120 feet) wireless IoT sensor systems for monitoring in the retail, medical, warehousing and industrial IoT markets. Both companies will demonstrate at Sensors Converge this week how Powercast’s RF-to-DC power harvesting technology is a compelling new option to power InPlay’s active Bluetooth sensor NanoBeacon, which can be attached [...]