Convergence Systems Limited Announces RFID Distribution Partnership With Intrasonic Technology

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Leading global RFID equipment supplier Convergence Systems Limited has signed an agreement with Dallas-based innovator, Intrasonic Technology to become the exclusive distributor in the Americas for CSL’s complete line of RFID products.   To read more, follow the link below to the source article. Source:  businesswire.com  

SIVA IoT launches (UHF) RFID Wristband and Foam Tag that facilitate RTLS and Zone/Room location

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SIVA through its new product development initiatives to solve problems faced by hospital administrations to track, locate, identify and connect their patients and staff in real time, have launched two products namely UHF Pat-Track Wristband and ISO Foam Tag. To read more and download the document, follow the link below

German Car Manufacturer Digitises the Pre-Series Process – kathrein-solutions.com

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Pre-series vehicles operate outside the established production lines and parallel to the process sequences that have been automated over the years. Many new components, many new variants require other process steps, specialised workplaces as well as highly flexible workers. Theoretical plans are converted into realisable processes and test steps, assembly

Industry awareness of RFID’s positive impact on retail growing | Supply Chain Dive

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Supply chain and logistics news Dive Brief: Consumers have voiced their frustration with supply chain and inventory management failures in retail stores by taking their business elsewhere, Women's Wear Daily reported Wednesday. As a result, the impetus for retailers to adopt RFID has become especially strong, particularly by apparel and

How lululemon and adidas Use RFID to Set the Stage for Omnichannel

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At NRF, executives from lululemon and adidas revealed how their RFID implementations paved the way for executing omnichannel strategies. "If you walk into our stores and said you're going to take RFID away, our associates would probably kill you." That's how Jonathan Aitken, lululemon athletica's director IT, store technology operations

As RFID Adoption Increases, So Does Retail Inventory Accuracy – WWD

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RFID technology seen as key to successful omnichannel retailing. Fashion retailers have doled out billions in investments over the past two years to implement their omnichannel strategies, but supply chain and inventory management inefficiencies continue to create sour experiences for shoppers. While there are no quick fixes, a recent panel