Electronic Vehicle Identification Powered By Secure RAIN RFID Technology in Egypt

To address the growing number of unauthorized vehicles operating on Egyptian roadways, Egypt’s Ministry of Interior (MOI) is deploying an electronic vehicle identification system that will securely identify vehicles and confirm their authorization to be on the road.

The new system, powered by secure, passive RAIN RFID (UHF) technology from NXP, will cover a total of approximately 10 million vehicles. Each vehicle is equipped with a windshield or headlamp label that includes an NXP UCODE DNA tag IC. The IC helps ensure label authenticity and makes it easy for reader machines, mounted on overhead gantries, to detect vehicles that are not authorized to be on the road. The solution works at high speeds – supporting readings up to 220 kilometers per hour (137 miles per hour) – and even in harsh weather conditions.

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The UCODE DNA chip combines high read ranges of several meters, without the use of a battery, with innovative cryptographic features for AES authentication. To ensure data integrity and confidentiality, the crypto keys can be used for tag authentication as well as privacy protection.

The complete system solution, involving companies such as Kathrein Solutions, Go+, and Wireless Dynamics, provides the MOI with accurate, real-time data that can help manage and improve traffic flows while minimizing unauthorized road activities.

Beyond Egypt, governments in Peru, Kenya, Honduras, the Philippines, and other countries already rely on secure, UCODE DNA-powered electronic vehicle identification solutions.

Unlocking “industry 4.0” with unique tagging solutions inside physical assets

New business models and services can be triggered by leveraging RAIN RFID technology. Primo1D offers a miniaturized RAIN RFID tag, intended to be integrated at manufacturing and designed to endure large temperature ranges and mechanical stresses. This tagging solution is durable, providing high and reliable RF performances. A wide variety of packaging possibilities are available and make Primo1D’s solution easy to use in most production processes Here, Primo1D ties a native digital ID to a cable, connects it to the IoT and a smart cable is born!

Download RAIN Reader Communication Interface Guidelines – v.4

The information inside the smart cable can now be captured from product production to end of life. And this is essential since optimizing the uptime of assets is becoming critical. The benefits are multiple with regards to product traceability, fleet management, downtime reduction and safety improvement. Operation efficiency is boosted and the supply chain is secured thanks to Primo1D‘s embedded tag. This is a first step to create value, not only for internal purposes but also for the end-user. Primo1D’s tag is paving the way for new applications beyond the conventional-use cases mentioned above. Thanks to Primo1D’s outstanding resistance to harsh environments, the cable’s DNA is accessible all along the value chain and different cable usages can be addressed: rail, aircraft, renewables, utilities…

Primo1D’s RAIN RFID tag empowers physical assets for industry’s end-to-end product digitization.

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