Failure to ensure purity in the food chain can be a literal matter of life and death. Few public matters are as important as ensuring people are protected from foodborne illness.

Outbreaks are dangerous and are happening all the time. In summer of 2022, a Listeria outbreak that led to one death and a number of illnesses throughout 11 states was linked to an ice cream supplier in Florida, which had to recall all ice cream products produced during a wide timeframe. In late 2022 and continuing into 2023, the U.S. investigated three outbreaks of foodborne illness traced to alfalfa sprouts shipped from Nebraska, infecting dozens of people and sending two to the hospital.

These are only two of the most recent examples of food-related illness outbreaks in the United States. Many historical outbreaks have been far more serious. Food purity issues are a constant threat to consumers, and food supplies must be closely monitored to ensure that all safety measures are being followed.

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