Shreyans Bengani has extensive experience as a third-generation entrepreneur and director at Ecartes Technology, focusing on new identity, tracking, and security management technologies and solutions.

Tell us about Ecartes and about you.

Initially, the company was incorporated in 1995 as Bengani Electrotech Pvt Ltd until CEO Rajendra Bengani came along with a vision to provide a one-stop identification and tracking technology solution. In the mid 200s, the company was rebranded as Ecartes Technology. Keeping pace with the industry demands over time, Ecartes has diversified itself into RFID and IOT-based integrated solutions, SmartCards and Card Personalization Solutions, Intelligent Security Systems, and e-Governance services.

As for me, after attending the prestigious Modern School, Barakhamba Road, I completed my Bachelor’s in Computer Engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. I worked as an SAP consultant in the US, then moved back to India and worked at Ecartes for two years before pursuing my MBA from NMMS in Mumbai. I later rejoined the company in 2017 as a director, where he began to lead various departments including Strategy (RFID & IoT), Technology, R&D, Global Markets, Key Accounts, and Digital Marketing.

Ecartes joined the RAIN Alliance in 2017 and was one of its first members from India. We wanted to get a deeper understanding of the technology and its nuances and to learn from established players what works and what doesn’t work. We also felt it would keep Ecartes updated with the latest regulations, innovations, and success stories.

What makes Ecartes unique?

Our most significant value proposition lies in the fact that Ecartes does not just impose an off-the-shelf product to customers but interacts deeply with them. Whether it’s their requirements, consulting them on various technologies, or educating them about the pros and cons of different options, Ecartes delivers tailor-made turnkey solutions with underlying stacks and modules configured and customized to match our client’s needs.

Thanks to the wealth of experience featuring in-house manufacturing and personalization facilities with a dedicated application development team, Ecartes has complete control over all components. Ecartes is brand-agnostic, and 40% of solutions typically include at least one non-Ecartes product.

 What are you currently working on regarding the RAIN Alliance? How will end-users benefit from your work?

Ecartes’ focus has been delivering an integrated Operations Transformation solution for a leading global bank, a highly complex solution presented by Bengani at the Asia Webinar on 16th March 2023, which has provided the end-user with facility-wide visibility and tracking for millions of files.

Moreover, Ecartes is also one of the earliest authorized providers for Fastag, the ETC toll tag in India, which has completely turned around the tolling landscape in India. This transformation was a proud moment for us, as our work had positively impacted millions of citizens nationwide, encouraging their adoption of the latest technology.

Other prominent solutions include Asset & Inventory Tracking, Warehouse Management, and solutions for Retail, Manufacturing, and Libraries. Ecartes’ two main value proposition pillars are Customer Satisfaction and Optimal Cost while using intelligent, accurate, modular, and integrable design levers. Customers typically achieve a 30% to 50% decrease in operational costs with a tripled increase in revenue and 50% less pilferage and losses in addition to complete automation and visibility across the value chain.

How will the RAIN Alliance enhance your organization’s current efforts?

The RAIN Alliance has continued to play a vital role in enhancing Ecartes’ efforts. I have been personally involved in the Application ID workgroup, where we brainstormed on the challenge of improper encoding and how it could be improved, which was instrumental in pushing customers to use a RAIN CIN. Membership to the RAIN Alliance adds a touch of authenticity and trust to the suggestions and recommendations that Ecartes presents to customers. Furthermore, Ecartes hopes that a renewed focus from the Alliance on the Asian region will reel in opportunities to connect physically with other members.

What do you do in your spare time?

I love playing sports, it’s like therapy to me. I indulge in some sport or workout activity 4 to 6 times a week. I also once ran a full marathon without any training or preparation. I also enjoy adventure activities and thriller movies – my favorites are The Dark Knight, and a Bollywood comedy named Hera Pheri.