IntelliGuard™ Announces Integration of IntelliGuard Anesthesia with Epic Systems 

CARLSBAD, Calif.Dec. 9, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — IntelliGuard™, the global leader in RFID medication management technology, today announced the integration of its IntelliGuard Anesthesia solution with Epic, one of the world’s largest electronic medical record providers. With this integration, IntelliGuard’s revolutionary and industry-leading RFID tracking technology for anesthesiologists will now be connected to Epic software, bringing the health care industry one step closer to hospital interoperability.


The health care industry is notoriously known for creating disjointed workflows and time-consuming steps for care givers at all levels, including anesthesiology providers. Because systems from different departments fail to communicate with each other, providers are forced to shift most of their focus from patient care to administrative work.

To improve communication and help create greater efficiencies in the operating room, IntelliGuard’s Intelligent Inventory Solutions™ offer real-time inventory monitoring and analysis, eliminating the need for manual tracking. By integrating IntelliGuard Anesthesia with Epic, anesthesiologists and pharmacists can accurately track medication – including controlled substances – after it has been dispensed. RFID technology provides deeper insight into when a medication was dispensed, the amount administered to the patient, which patient received the medication and any allergies associated with their condition. With a passive workflow, health care professionals can streamline medication management and increase time spent on patient care.

“IntelliGuard is continuously dedicated to eliminating pain points and frustrations of siloed workflows in the operating room,” said Gordon Krass, President and CEO of IntelliGuard. “Barcode technology can only account for roughly two-thirds of medication inventory at a time, which simply isn’t enough to ensure hospitals have an accurate pulse on medication utilization and inventory. Our automated inventory tracking and analysis via RFID, paired with Epic, will provide deeper and more reliable visibility and accountability for anesthesiology and pharmacy departments from start to finish.”

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Source: IntelliGuard™ Announces Integration of IntelliGuard Anesthesia with Epic Systems – IntelliGuard

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