Iris Nova and Avery Dennison have partnered up, using the latest RFID tech to buy a beverage and improve an already thriving company.

Iris Nova and Avery Dennison Hope To Improve The Way You Buy A Beverage

Iris Nova—a company that uses text messages to make purchases—and Avery Dennison, a leader in intelligent label solutions, have partnered up to improve the way you buy a beverage. Avery Dennison’s newest radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology is being implemented in Iris Nova products, improving on an already thriving company.

Iris Nova’s first specialty beverage brand Dirty Lemon launched in 2015 and allows customers to communicate, order and pay via text message for the beverages. They’ve been able to include this method at The Drug Store, its cashier-less retail shop in TriBeCa. I was able to speak to founder and CEO Zak Normandin about how this new partnership creates a better future for the company.

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Source: Iris Nova And Avery Dennison Improves The Way To Buy A Beverage