Is Walmart Ready for Item-Level RFID?

Walmart Finally Ramping Up its Item Level RFID Program?

Not long after the collapse Walmart’s program to have vendors put RFID tags at the carton level collapsed more than a decade ago, the retail giant seemed poised to roll-out item-level RFID to help it better manage in-store inventories, starting with the jeans category.

In fact, for a brief while some Walmart stores had warnings on store doors that RFID tags and readers were being used inside.

But like the case tagging program that preceded it, the item-level tagging program also went adrift.

10 years later, is RFID going to make a big comeback at Walmart?

A few weeks ago, stock market analyst Charles Anderson of financial firm Dougherty & Company issued a buy rating on leading RFID tag and reader maker Impinj, citing its own research that Walmart was going to launch an item-level tagging program for apparel goods later in 2020.

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Source: RFID, AIDC and IoT New Round Up for Feb. 19, 2020

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