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NOTE: The Primary Member is the individual who will vote on any RAIN ballots that are created. All membership-related communications will be with this person, including invoices for annual dues. Other persons included below will not be included in regular RAIN communications unless they are opted-in.

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RAIN utilizes various methods to communicate with our members. We also often receive items of interest to the various employee roles listed below. Please complete the information below, check the preferred communication vehicle for these individuals and indicate which, if any, formats they do not wish to receive. Feel free to send us additional employees that you might want to have on our contact list for marketing, technical or general member newsletters. (You can send additional paper copy lists or electronic files)

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  • Corporate contact information will be placed on the RAIN web site in the member directory
  • Your contact information will be stored in our member database and will be used to contact you for the business of the Alliance (including workgroup membership, newsletters, and meeting information)
  • You will place the domain names on your corporate whitelist (all RAIN emails come from one of these addresses).

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