KwickPOS delivers the KwickPOS handheld point of sale system complete with MagTek’s tDynamo (Gen II) secure card reader authenticator.

Seal Beach, CA, May 16, 2024 – MagTek, a global leader in payment technology and security solutions, and KwickPOS, a restaurant management POS system provider, are announcing the collaboration of their technologies to deliver a handheld point-of-sale system to restaurants using Magensa Gateway Services and MagTek’s tDynamo (Gen II) mobile secure card reader authenticator.

tDynamo (Gen II) is L3 certified with the Magensa Gateway for faster integration, offers Apple VAS platform support, and is ready to accept magnetic stripe cards, EMV Contactless, EMV Contact Chip, NFC contactless, and mobile wallet transactions (including Apple Pay and Google Pay) for line-busting and pay-at-the-table ecosystems. tDynamo (Gen II) has an OtterBox uniVERSE adaptor, that makes it easier than ever to attach to a mobile device. Because it can connect via Bluetooth LE or USB HID, tDynamo (Gen II) is compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows when used wirelessly. However, when connected via USB HID, it’s compatible with Windows and Android only. This versatility makes it an excellent addition to KwickPOS’s handheld solution.

“The ability to offer our customers more ways to pay in a small handheld device expands our target audience,” said Ming Ye, COO, of KwickPOS. “The great thing about integrating with the tDynamo (Gen II) and using Magensa Services is, it allows us to easily swap out and grow with MagTek hardware and expand our offering.”