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ACM-e S.r.l. a Socio Unico

Daniele Saccardi

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ACM-e S.r.l. a Socio Unico

Company Overview

ACM-e is dedicated to the design and implementation of effective and advanced solutions for the automation of operations and management processes in a quite large range of industrial fields (Oil&Gas, Fashion, Manufacturing, Transportation, Security), based on the adoption of automatic data collection technologies like RFID UHF. As an engineering and industrial consulting company, ACM-e researches and develops new products starting from its internal competences and knowledge, but implementing these specifications also in cooperation with important clients, which can represent a benchmark within the field they belong to, in order to make these solutions become really useful, compliant and corresponding to the identified exigencies.
ACM-e’s UHF based solutions focus in particular on maintenance tracking, supply chain management (internal and external logistics, warehousing, quality control) tracking, discrete manufacturing tracking, safety and security operations tracking.
By adopting ACM-e RFID based solutions customers can achieve significant savings in terms of reduced effort for the fulfilment of operating tasks and a significant improvement of the quality and accuracy of field generated information with consequent more dependable decisions.
ACM-e supplies turn-key projects, including the provision of engineering and technical services, software and hardware and can assist clients with long term service agreements covering the fulfilled supply with the purpose to detect gaps, between actual and expected performance.

Consulting/Services, System Integrator

Corso Sempione, 39, Milan, Metropolitan City of Milan, Italy