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AdvanIDe Holdings Pte Ltd

Company Overview

AdvanIDe – Advanced ID Electronics – is one of the leading semiconductor providers focused on components and value-added services and products that are typically being used in RFID transponders and readers, chip cards, security access modules, NFC and IoT devices. AdvanIDe works with leading card manufacturers, security and state printers, transponder manufacturers, OEMs and system-developers. The company’s clients supply their products and solutions into applications such as access-management, hospitality, loyalty, automated fare collection, smart city applications, object identification, eGovernment, financial services, M2M security, authentication and IoT. AdvanIDe has 12 offices in international locations.
Specialized RAIN Member – RAIN RFID ECO System
• IC and Wafer handling
• Customized Modules like SMD package for Rain RFID in IOT, Airline, Smart Food, Industrial applications
• Customized Inlay & Tag offering with long-term partners
• UHF Eco System & Support
• Global Setup and handling, smart distribution


Consulting / Services, Reseller / Distributor


Am Klingenweg 6a, Walluf, Germany

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