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Apulsetechnology Co., Ltd

Company Overview

Apulsetech is a RFID company manufacturing RFID handheld readers. With over 20 years of RFID business experience in the field, we make the most efficient RFID handheld reader providing customers high-end technology for the IoT world. Apulsetech designs and manufactures a leading product suitable for various industries, such as Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Retail, transportation, and many others.

With our service, your business will grow and reach the world with new opportunities.

Apulsetech products offer Slim and sophisticated design mobile RFID readers with class-leading UHF performance. Free SDK and flexible sample applications make your software development easy.


Reader Manufacturer


C-1211, 60, Haan-Ro, Gwangmyeong, Gyeonggi, South Korea

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