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AsReader, Inc.

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AsReader, Inc.

Company Overview

AsReader® offers compact, handheld devices that allow users to read UHF or HF RFID tags from their iOS devices ranging from the iPhone SE/5/5s, 6/6s, 6Plus/6sPlus, iPod touch 5th&6th Generations, iPad Mini1/2/3 and the iPad Air2/iPadPro9.7. Using the Lightning Connector, AsReader modular docks are forward-compatible with future iOS devices. In addition to iPhone, AsReader supports Android devices by special order. With a completely open-source and royalty-free SDK, as well as many free Apps in the App Store, your device is ready to use “right out of the box.” Examples of existing free apps include wedge-type middleware such as AsKey (which emulates a keyboard) and AsWeb2 (for instant use with cloud-based databases). Upcoming devices include long-range UHF readers and more modular devices including Combo readers which still fit in a shirt-pocket, yet are professional-grade 2D/1D Barcode scanners and UHF Reader/Writer all-in-one.

Reader Manufacturer

14451 Chambers Rd, Suite 250, Tustin, CA 92780, USA