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CEITEC S.A. – Semiconductors

Rafael Soares

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CEITEC S.A. – Semiconductors

Company Overview

CEITEC SA, a federal public company linked to the Ministry of Science, Technology, Innovations and Communications (MCTIC), develops low-power ICs for IoT, RFID and SmartCard.

The company has been designing for the RFID market for over 12 years. Its portfolio covers passive and semi-active chips for all the main frequency ranges: LF, HF and UHF. As a government company, CEITEC SA has been playing an strategic role helping and supporting the development of RFID market in Brazil and Latin America through applications like cattle tracking, vehicle tracking and especially RAIN RFID supply chain and logistics.

Besides the RFID market, CEITEC SA also offers customized ICs for SmartCard and Secure Processor markets.

Tag Chip Manufacturer, Tag/Inlay Manufacturer

Estrada Joao de Oliveira Remiao, 777 - Lomba do Pinheiro, Porto Alegre - RS, Brasil