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DeRoyal Industries, Inc.

Company Overview

DeRoyal® Continuum® is a suite of UHF RFID solutions for the healthcare supply chain. Continuum improves the visibility and performance of the supply chain. By bringing visibility to the forefront, hospitals command control over their operations with capabilities leading to dynamically updated doctor preference cards, chain of custody tracking, accurate usage and charge capture, real-time knowledge of inventory on-hand, and supply chain management driven by real data. Solutions include Continuum Safes, Vaults, and Links.

The Safe is an RF-powered smart trashcan. It automatically captures supply usage at the point-of-care. Integrated with the hospital’s current IT systems, a Safe has the ability to link the patient, procedure, product, and total supply cost. Additionally, it reports accurate consumption of products during the procedure for charging and dynamic preference card analysis.

The Vault is a secure, inventory area that is retro-fitted to a facility’s storage space. A Vault tracks real-time inventory and movement of items as they are checked-out of the secured space. When an item(s) is removed from the Vault, it is placed in the custody of that person. Inventory PAR and re-order levels are also utilized to automate the inventory and reordering process.

The Link is an RF solution designed to monitor open areas throughout the hospital. The Link provides item-level intelligence including the item’s identity, location, and authenticity. It provides real-time inventory visibility, automating a historically manual process. The Link locates and monitors movement of items throughout the supply chain and assesses more efficient product placement, improving overall operational efficiency.

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