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Dongguan OSRFID Technology Co. Ltd

Company Overview

OSRFID is a leading developer and manufacturer of high quality, intelligent RFID inlays,labels,tags.
We have developed product lines according to the RAIN RFID standards(GS1 UHF Gen2 protocol which ISO/IEC has standardized as 18000-63).
OSRFID strives to promote RAIN RFID technology to provide our customers a better understanding of RAIN RFID technology and our products enabling advanced efficiency, reliability, and accuracy across our customers’ global supply chains.
We are in the process of achieving ARC Quality Certification with the Auburn University RFID Lab.


Tag/Inlay Manufacturer


301 Building 2, No. 32, Fumin Road Zhenxingwei, Tangxia Dongguan, , Guangdong 523710, China

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