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EM Microelectronic

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EM Microelectronic

Company Overview

EM manufactures high sensitivity EPC Gen2 V2 integrated circuits which enable long-range identification and sensor data collection.  In addition to our cost-effective passive RFID solutions, EM has also developed Battery-Assisted Passive (BAP) RFID solutions.  BAP RFID solutions provide long read range, data logging (both temperature and time), energy harvesting, tamper detection, and connection to external sensors.  In addition, EM offers dual frequency solutions which support both EPC and NFC communication as well as numerous secure RFID solutions for product authentication.  As a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Swatch Group, EM also supplies many other ultra-low power electronics solutions worldwide.

Chip Manufacturer

5475 Mark Dabling Blvd., Suite 200, Colorado Springs, CO, 80906 USA