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Born and established itself as a technology for the logistics and then for reading long-range, in recent years, the UHF frequency is tentatively application but also in the field Near Field (the first experiments date back to mid 2009) but with an immediate and obvious advantage over technology LF and HF which is to be able to manage a large number of tags simultaneously. R4I is specialized over the years in RFID technology and in particular in the UHF RFID technology, its declination in the near field.

The company is focused on solving specific problems arising from the use of this frequency for the close reading which enabled a job winning under near field, a field for which technology had not even been hypothesized. The core technology of the company consists in the design of methods, algorithms and dedicated hardware, for the management of objects tagged close together and at low distance from RFiD reading system; objects then, all equipped with a RFID transponder operating in UHF frequency.

We have a great product: an UHF EAS: the xEAS.
The R4I xEAS is an ideal solution for the electronic surveillance of articles tagged with RFIDThe R4i xEAS provides ultra slim profile and small stand footprint saving space features in an attractive esthetically-pleasing design suitable for office, library, retail, IT & data centers, hospital and other interior environments. The R4i xEAS offers ultimately thin profile and small size footprint. It consists only of an xArray and a minipc.


Research Facility / Academic Center, System Integrator / Solution Provider


Zona Ind ASI Z1 C.da Ponte Valentino SNC 82100, Benevento, Italy

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