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SensThys, Inc

Company Overview

What We Believe
We believe in being different. Not for the sake of it, but because we believe in solving customer problems without technology bias. We believe that power, efficiency, simplicity and elegance should be in every product and solution we make. We believe it’s important to stop talking and listen to our customer. In fact, we want criticism, it makes us and our products better. UHF Passive RFID is at the core of our solutions, but we believe other sensors are not just complimentary but often mandatory to solve real-life tracking problems. We focus on the economics of the hardware, the installation, cost of ownership, re-configuration, and decommissioning. We believe in partner relationships, not customer relationships.
We welcome working with others that appreciate this or desire to mimic it. Do you?
What We Do
We design and manufacture game-changing sensor systems by offering the world’s most functionally integrated solutions. We network sensors together with both power and data. SensThys products are designed to be attractive, unobtrusive, and deployable in a wide range of settings, from warehouses to retail spaces while focusing on solution economics and ease of use. These patented products enable the lowest cost deployed solutions while ensuring they are solving the critical customer pain points.

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