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NedCard – Press release MicroSON®-3 NXP UCODE 8 / 8m

NedCard takes a next step into the field of industrial RFID applications and brings MicroSON®-3 UHF RFID SMD Package with NXP’s UCODE® 8/ 8m RAIN RFID ICs to the market

MicroSON®-3 is tailored to fit industrial application requirements and can be used in a variety of RFID solutions and markets.

Persfoto MicroSON® Nedcard
WIJCHEN, Netherlands, September 10, 2018 – NedCard, experienced partner in RFID, proudly presents MicroSON®-3 SMD with the UHF Gen2v2 (RAIN) compliant, UCODE® 8 and UCODE® 8m chips from NXP Semiconductors. MicroSON®-3 is a small outline no-leads (SON) SMD package that can be embedded into industrial applications via printed circuit board, or PCB.

Persfoto MicroSON® NedcardMicroSON®-3 is small and very thin, yet robust enough to withstand harsh industrial processes and high temperatures. It is a near chip scale plastic encapsulated package with a copper lead frame substrate. The leadless package makes electrical contact by soldering the bottom surface terminals to the PCB. The small size of the MicroSON®-3 design makes it a perfect package for leading RAIN RFID tag chips.

RFID-enabled tracking in industrial applications helps companies automate item identification and data capturing to improve quality, efficiency, and work processes. RAIN RFID delivers tangible benefits to the industrial sector. Tracking reusable items and tools saves time and replacement costs. Using RFID technology industrial work-in-progress can be identified and tracked. Even final product configuration can automatically be documented.

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NXP’s UCODE® 8/ 8m RAIN RFID chips, combined with the MicroSON®-3 package, delivers excellent performance in industrial applications.

“Our UCODE 8 chip platform provides unparalleled RFID performance across a broad range of Industry 4.0 applications and is optimized for fast and accurate inventory of dense RAIN RFID tag populations,” said Mahdi Mekic, Marketing Director, RAIN RFID Solutions, NXP Semiconductors. “By collaborating with NedCard on their new rugged MicroSON®-3 offering, we’re enabling an extremely small and robust RFID package solution that can be integrated into the harshest of industrial and manufacturing processes.”

After years of experience in delivering semiconductor package solutions and offering assembly and test services to smart card-related markets like banking and payment, telecom, e-government and identification, NedCard is now expanding further into RFID markets. NedCard has been a pioneer in the field of package solutions for RF tags and successfully developed solutions for access control, wearables, laundry, garments and other applications. With MicroSON®‐3 NedCard is entering into the field of industrial UHF RFID applications, NedCard sees a growing demand from partners and potential customers for UHF RFID package solutions.

– About NedCard –
NedCard develops semiconductor package solutions and offers related assembly and test services for various devices used in smart card, RFID, IoT and other enabling technologies (e.g. security access cards, credit cards, SIM cards, biometrics, inventory management). NedCard is specialized in tailored package solutions. As a proven supplier of smart card solutions NedCard and is expanding its portfolio into RFID technology to meet the needs of the future.
NedCard has its main office in Wijchen, the Netherlands. With three sales offices seated in Wijchen, Shanghai and Singapore NedCard operates across the globe. The two production locations NedCard B.V., Wijchen, the Netherlands and NedCard (Shanghai) Microelectronics Co. Ltd., Shanghai, China are ISO9001, ISO14001 and Common Criteria EAL6 security certified. For more information, visit

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