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RAIN RFID Tire Tag HYTT01 for vehicle tyre tracking and identification

RAIN RFID Tire Tag HYTT01 is a flexible but persevering tag design for tough environment in tyre in high-temperature, tough alternating pressure.

Vulcanization RFID tire tag is specifically designed and manufactured for tire identification and tracking in Tire industry. It helps to improve inventory and management in mass production while in tire manufacturer.

RFID Tire Tag

HUAYUAN’s RFID tire tag HYTT01 is designed and produced for purpose of innovative transformation of existing traditional tire barcode label to a RFID label with printed barcode and inserted RFID label. It will be attache on the surface of tire in process of vulcanization in production.

A flexible designed material as face stock of tag and robust heat resistant  SOP packaged chip on RFID antenna make an ideal construction for tire tracking applications on challenge life-spam of tires.

  RFID Tire Tag

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Source: RFID Tire Tag HYTT01 for vehicle tyre tracking and identification.