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BeeTag Apparel Tag – HUAYUAN

BeeTag Apparel Tag is now the largest and fastest growing application of RFID in cloth retailing, supply chain and associated industries.

RFID UHF apparel tag is now the largest and fastest growing application of RFID in cloth retailing, cloth supply chain and associated industries. More and more major merchants are now putting RFID tags onto its jeans and other apparel to keep better track of them. They have been working with their suppliers for years to attach RFID tags to products in order to help with inventory tracking and management.

With various design for applications HUAYUAN can offer you UHF apparel tags based on your requirements. As a Asia partner of AVERY DENNSION for more than 8 years, we have rich experience and alternate samples for your reference. Our RFID Apparel Tags can be applied directly to various garments, blankets, towels, robes, etc. They are available in UHF frequencies and allow easy asset track to create an improved in-store shopping experience for customers and enhance supply chain operations.

UHF BeeTag Apparel TagUHF BeeTag Apparel TagUHF BeeTag Apparel Tag

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