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RFID: Back to the future

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The transformation of the passenger baggage experience is gathering pace. By 2020, many airline customers will notice significant changes that will take the hassle out of managing their bags. Self-service options will increase, off-airport baggage provisions will proliferate, and transparent, real-time tracking solutions will make for a more relaxing customer journey.

The backdrop to the future is IATA Resolution 753 that came into effect on 1 June 2018. It mandates bag tracking at four key data points in the journey. Driven by both IATA and Airports Council International, Resolution 753 has benefits for all stakeholders along the aviation value chain, including the end customer.

Having tracking points makes it much easier to identify where and how mishandling may occur and allows for a more targeted service by airlines. In addition to providing extra information on the baggage journey, the tracking points will also enable a faster process when bags do miss their intended flight—reducing the delay in returning a bag to the passenger.


Source: RFID: Back to the future | Airlines.