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What’s next for RFID?

Now mature, the technology may be ready for prime time – but it may have to compete with, or complement, new innovations.

With higher accuracy rates, lower cost and the Internet of Things (IoT), RFID might finally be ready for its turn in the spotlight.

RFID — radio frequency identification — may have been ahead of its time in a flurry of high-profile pilot projects in the early 2000s that didn’t seem to pan out. It’s not fair to say that RFID technology went away, but it is in the midst of a comeback.

Thanks to advances in sensors and data processing technology, companies are again looking at tagging trucks, pallets, cases and items to track location and other data like temperature and impacts.

There are various use cases where RFID could be the best option for low-cost inventory tracking. But the technology still faces headwinds from competing technologies that could keep it from assuming the industry prominence its proponents have always thought it deserved.

Source: What’s next for RFID? | Supply Chain Dive