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RFID means never losing sight of your bags again

Local airline and airport now allow passengers to track their luggage in real-time

Baggage handlers have been caught recklessly treating passengers’ luggage at airports worldwide, one of the reasons suitcases often appear a little the worse for wear after flights.

RFID chips have been embedded into luggage tags for some China Eastern Airlines flights, the first domestic airline to allow passengers to follow the progress of their luggage by smart phone.

The practice was launched on domestic flights between the Hongqiao airport and Wuhan in central Hubei Province on Monday. It will be expanded to other flights soon, according to the airline.

Pudong International Airport has installed cameras over luggage conveyor belts on the tarmac and interested passengers observe how baggage handlers unload their suitcases. Passengers can watch the live broadcast on screens beside carousels while waiting for their bags to arrive. Trial operations have started on No.5 carousel at T1 and No.38 carousel at T2.

The airport has positioned staff beside the carousels to help passengers.


Source: RFID means never losing sight of your bags again – SHINE