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Waste-Management System Cleans Up With UHF RFID

Compta is powering its Bee2Waste solution with an RFID solution from TechSigno using Chainway RFID readers to capture data from hundreds of thousands of waste bins as they are commissioned, and each time they are emptied. – Page 1

Apr 09, 2019

European waste-management company Compta is using RFID technology to automatically gain visibility into bin collection as part of its Bee2Waste program. The passive UHF solution was installed by TechSigno using the latter’s cloud-based software, as well as RFID reader technology from Chainway.

Compta has employed RFID for more than a decade to track almost 250,000 containers used by its customers throughout numerous European cities. The system has employed low-frequency (LF) technology, which was captured and managed by a variety of processes and software platforms, depending on the municipality or company. The technology company sought a more seamless solution that would make the management of bins easier and universal across all of its clients’ sites, says Sérgio Spinola, Compta’s product and systems engineer. So for the past five years, the firm has been migrating to a UHF-based solution that could be used across its customer base. With UHF technology, the readers could capture tag ID numbers at a distance of several meters, and enable workers to capture and input tag data more quickly and easily than they did with LF RFID.

Users of the TechSigno solution, employing Chainway technology, are now applying an off-the-shelf UHF RFID tag to each bin as it is distributed to a customer’s site. They then read the tag via a handheld Chainway C4050 RFID reader and link the tag’s unique ID to customer data in the Chainway software, according to Mike Cui, the company’s international technical support manager.

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Source: Waste-Management System Cleans Up With UHF RFID – 2019-04-09 – Page 1 – RFID Journal