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RAIN RFID for Smart, Right-Sized Inventories and Protected Brands

RAIN RFID shoesWhen you’re out shopping for clothes, finding the right size is important, but getting a perfect fit isn’t always a deal-breaker. If a sweater is a little snug, for example, or a t-shirt a little loose, you may still buy it.

But with shoes, it’s different. Settle for the wrong size or a poor fit, and you risk more than being a little disappointed or a bit uncomfortable – you may find yourself scheduling a doctor’s visit. Overly tight dress shoes can lead to painful feet, and athletic shoes that aren’t fitted properly can cause knee, hip, and back pain.

To put it in stricter retail terms, our tolerance for sizing variations in clothing is relatively high, but with footwear, that tolerance is close to zero. Even a small difference, from one half size to the next, can really change how a shoe performs, so if a given store doesn’t have the right size in stock, we’re likely to go elsewhere.

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