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Axzon Adds New Features to Sensing RFID Tag

The company’s Xerxes tags come in two forms: a passive version, available now, that can accommodate four sensor modalities and comes with encryption for secure blockchain applications, and a battery-powered datalogger.

Apr 15, 2019

Wireless sensing technologies company Axzon has released its latest sensor-based UHF RFID tags to provide passive sensing capabilities for the cold supply chain, as well as construction and other applications. The Xerxes-I Smart Passive Sensing system can accommodate up to four sensors in one device using a single chip, and ensure the security of that data, says Tanmay Zargar, Axzon’s marketing director. The company is also releasing a tag with datalogging capabilities, known as the Xerxes-II, for which engineering samples will be made available later this year.

The Xerxes-I Smart Passive Sensing system is the latest in a family of Axzon’s smart passive sensing devices. The first was the Magnus, a UHF tag that sensed temperature, moisture and humidity levels, as well as weight and proximity, for use in the industrial, automotive and health-care markets. When the passive UHF RFID tag is interrogated, it transmits its own unique ID number while also capturing and then transmitting the sensor readings. That makes the tag a low-cost and simple way to track conditions regarding such applications as cars under assembly (to make sure they are water-tight) or adult diapers (to alert caregivers that a patient needs changing).


Source: Axzon Adds New Features to Sensing RFID Tag – 2019-04-15 – Page 1 – RFID Journal