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Apparel is Finding RFID’s Utility Beyond Inventory Management

RFID in the apparel industry most closely is linked with inventory management but companies are finding uses elsewhere in the supply chain.

Radio frequency identification technology (RFID) has helped many apparel businesses improve their inventory performance, but as these deployments mature, they’re finding additional use cases for the technology.

Today, many leading retailers view RFID as indispensable to their operations, especially where omnichannel is concerned. In fact, 92 percent of North American retailers are “progressing toward full adoption” of RFID, according to the Kurt Salmon part of Accenture’s RFID study, Transforming Modern Retail 2018, published in August. This figure indicates that RFID has become mainstream. Consider that 96 percent of retailers that have adopted RFID offer one omnichannel fulfillment option and 83 percent offer three, compared with 59 percent with one capability and 24 percent for three, among retailers that aren’t using RFID.

Source: Apparel is Finding RFID’s Utility Beyond Inventory Management – Sourcing Journal