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RFRain® Launches World’s First Plug-And-Play RFID Reader

SARASOTA, Fla., June 3, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Today RFRain LLC, an innovator in manufacturing Rain RFID hardware and software announced the launch of the world’s first plug-and-play Smart Reader, RFR-RAIN-4-SMART. RFRain offers RFID products for use in asset and inventory management, transportation, and smart cabinets.

The Smart Reader, RFR-RAIN-4-SMART, is revolutionary in the industry combining a powerful RFID reader with an integrated gateway that is ready for use right out of the box in applications such as overhead installation to track assets in and out of specific areas of a warehouse, installed on forklifts and in transportation solutions, smart cabinets, conveyor belts, checkout systems in smart stores, and many more.

Separating itself from other readers currently on the market, RFRain’s Smart Reader does not require additional hardware or software to enable a user to start monitoring assets in real time using the Zone Manager software that comes pre-installed on the reader. The RFR-RAIN-4-SMART is Rain Communication Interface (RCI) compliant, and integrates easily with existing enterprise software systems.

With the user-friendly RFR-ZM Zone Manager software supporting a browser-based UI, RFRain’s Smart Reader is accessible and easy to use for anyone with or without RFID experience. After connecting the Smart Reader to a power source, the user can immediately start reading tags and managing assets.

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Source: RFRain® Launches World’s First Plug-And-Play RFID Reader