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New Retail Kiosk Enables RFID-based Sales

Stora Enso’s Intelligent Cabinet features an RFID reader and an antenna to capture the unique ID numbers of tagged goods, enabling un-manned sales for food, beverages or other consumer goods by retailers in such places as office buildings, malls and schools.

Jun 26, 2019

Efforts to deliver products to consumers, where they are and when they want them, have led to the so-called “new retail” movement that includes unmanned kiosks offering goods for sale to consumers outside of traditional stores. The new retail concept began in China. This year, several companies in China and Europe are piloting a new intelligent cabinet solution from Stora Enso, a renewable packaging and biomaterials solutions company, that leverages passive UHF RFID to track inventory and enable sales transactions to consumers, without requiring the presence of a sales associate.

The system is now commercially available for use in public spaces, such as transit stations, office buildings, hotels and sports facilities, says Martin Ros, Stora Enso’s senior VP of intelligent packaging. The refrigerated, automated cabinet is already being piloted by retailers to provide food, beverages or other consumer goods to the public. RFID tags on each product enable the system to identify what item is being purchased from the cabinet, update inventory data for replenishment purposes and provide analytics regarding sales.

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Source: New Retail Kiosk Enables RFID-based Sales – 2019-06-26 – Page 1 – RFID Journal