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Implementing RFID in baggage operations

Following on from the first webinar of this series, which introduced the IATA RFID priority, this session will focus on adopting and implementing RFID in baggage handling. Participants will be given some practical tools and resources to explore using RFID as a tracking solution for their operations and will be given the opportunity to learn from what others in the industry are doing.

The highlight of this webinar will be hearing from industry stakeholders who have successfully implemented RFID in their baggage operations. They will present what led them to choose RFID among other technologies and will go through the solution they deployed, the results they obtained with RFID as well as the challenges they met along the way and the lessons they want to share with the industry.

As collaboration is key in the successful deployment of RFID to ensure a complete end-to-end flow, the webinar will feature both the point of view from an airline and from an airport.

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Source: Implementing RFID in baggage operations – International Airport Review