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Exhibit Shop Sells Fashion, Cosmetics With RFID

Last month, ICC’s His & Hers launched its first unmanned store at Bitec’s Saha Group Fair, in Bangkok, using RFID technology to identify goods being purchased, as well as AI to link each purchase with a specific shopper via facial recognition.

Jul 23, 2019

ICC International PLC recently launched an unmanned fashion store that leverages RFID, facial recognition and artificial intelligence (AI) to enable shoppers to browse through products, select what they want and take it, without requiring help from a live sales person. The His & Hers Smart Shop was featured at last month’s 23rd annual Saha Group Fair, held in Bangkok. Following the event, the company plans to deploy the solution at a permanent store in its Bangkok headquarters.

ICC is the marketing division of fashion and cosmetics company Saha Group. The firm comprises 800 businesses, including food and other consumer products. Its properties include approximately 100 His & Hers stores throughout Thailand. ICC has been in business for half a century, says Surat Wongratanapassorn, the company’s VP of IT, but retail is changing and consumers expect a more digitally oriented shopping experience. The retailer has recently been pursuing a more digitally focused model for fashion sales, Surat explains.


Source: Exhibit Shop Sells Fashion, Cosmetics With RFID – 2019-07-23 – Page 1 – RFID Journal