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Case Study: Decathlon: getting smart with RFID tags

Decathlon is a French sports-gear retailer with 1,500 stores and omnichannel evolution in its sights. It has a strong story to tell in Operations & Logistics, and has RFID tagging high up on its agenda.

It is nearly three years since the retailer expanded its already established RFID programme, working the tags into all of its products in order to manage inventory and to keep goods secure.

This is part of a supply programme it has delivered for more than five years now, in partnership with SML Group. It is aimed at ensuring Decathlon’s network of suppliers all adopt the RFID stickers and labels, which are sewn into clothing during manufacture.

Each RFID item is assigned an individual Electronic Product Code (EPC) number to match the unique product SKU. The resulting item-level tracking has improved inventory management and ensured better availability of goods, while also reducing out-of-stocks and improving customer service.


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