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Puma flagship enabled by RFID and new retail technology – Essential Retail

Puma’s latest flagship store in New York is supported by various new retail technology deployments including RFID.

Sports brand Puma opened an RFID-enabled flagship store last week, as the trend for item-level product digitisation in retail continues.

Consumers visiting the store can point their phone at product labels and access digital experiences and services, including augmented reality (AR).

To support this functionality, Puma has added a digitally serialised label from Avery Dennison’s Janela solution to all products in the store. This is overlaid with Evrything’s internet of things platform.

RFID technology is integrated into each product label, which allows Puma to maintain a comprehensive and up-to-date view of inventory levels. The technology also provides an identifier to help highlight counterfeit returns and boost the brand’s security credentials.

“Our newest flagship store is truly alive with innovation,” remarked Russ Kahn, senior vice president of retail for Puma North America.

“Upon entering our store, customers receive richer, dynamic engagement with both our Puma brand and our individual products.”

Niall Murphy, CEO and co-founder of Evrything, added: “By digitising every product in the NYC flagship store, Puma is enriching the direct-to-consumer relationship and delighting its customers.

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Source: Puma flagship enabled by RFID and new retail technology – Essential Retail