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Retail Reload, Mainetti Partner on Omnichannel and Big-Data Solutions

Sep 18, 2019—

France- and U.S.-based RFID solutions provider Retail Reload has partnered with label technology company Mainetti to offer retailers an omnichannel solution that it says is intended to take radio frequency identification beyond inventory management. The company serves a worldwide audience and has had an office in Los Angeles to serve the North American market for approximately 18 months.

The solution, using Retail Reload’s cloud-based software and Mainetti’s customized price labels with RFID and QR codes, provides marketing and sourcing data based on RFID tag reads in stores, while also tracking inventory levels. Several brands are already using Retail Reload’s technology to enable full omnichannel mode sales, the company reports. Several retail companies are presently in discussions with Retail Reload about deploying the technology with Mainetti labels, to better understand how their customers (shoppers) are interacting with their products in stores, says Yves Curtat, Retail Reload’s CEO and founder.

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